We shall walk together on this path of life, for all things are part of the universe, and are connected with each other to form one whole unity.
(Maria Montessori)


Children may start the Toddler Program at age 18 months. During the child's year in the Toddler room he or she will participate in a warm, caring, patient environment that fosters independence and growth. The teacher regards each child as an individual and responds to his or her needs with openness and consideration. The young child is given the means to develop his or her self with confidence, pride and joy.

The Toddler program builds a strong foundation for the Casa. The child is introduced to activities which encourage language skills development and which support fine and gross motor movement. An essential component is toilet raining and learning to dress his or her self. Each child graduates the Toddler Room more self-reliant and ready for new challenges.

The Casa Program starts at approximately 2-½ years of age and continues to age 6. During the child's three years in the Casa program he or she will have the opportunity to interact with children in a mixed-age setting. Naturally, the younger children turn to the older children for help and guidance, and strive to attain the older children's skills and knowledge. In turn, the older children experience the positive emotions and feelings attached to helping and caring for others.

The teacher develops individual lesson plans for each child based on their needs and ability. Every child is working at the academic level that best suits him or her. The child will experience one to one lessons, small group lessons and will participate in large group activities.

In the Montessori classroom independence is nurtured by enabling the child to 'do for oneself'. The child gains a sense of self worth and self confidence by being able to care for him or herself, problem solve for him or herself and be responsible for his or her actions.

Parents, educators and researchers would agree that a child learns best when his or her senses and interests are engaged. Our classroom is equipped with an array of beautiful, quality Montessori materials which invite the children's exploration. Materials are considered instructive when they are auto-didactic, gradated and give keys to the universe. A first-year child may explore shapes and sizes whilst working with our Puzzle Maps. Gradually he or she will learn names for the continents and countries. Some time later he or she may revisit these same Puzzle Maps to construct their own colourful maps. Eventually he or she may use them as resources or to illustrate projects of their own design.

All children at Annex Montessori will have plenty of opportunity to enjoy the naturalized playground adjacent to our school. The play ground is equipped with activities to enhance movement skills, support developing social skills and encourage problem solving, creativity and fun.

In the Casa, the children are immersed in a living language with a full time French speaking assistant. This provides the children with a natural, flexible and enjoyable means of absorbing a second language.

In the Toddler Room, the adults speak English as children are still working to develop and acquire first language skills. Having one common language in the classroom allows the children and staff to communicate comfortably and effectively.

Enrollment for September 2018 is Open

Enrollment for September 2018 is Open

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Enrollment for September 2018 is Open

Enrollment for September 2018 is Open

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